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Oldmotor Graphic

byEdignwn Type
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About the Product

The collection is called “Oldmotor”, it is a vintage illustration. These collections contain 12 hand-drawn illustrations with extras 6 premade logo templates. The illustration comes from an old transportation theme. The Oldmotor matches apply in some designs such as the logo, poster, label, badge, packaging, t-shirt, branding and more custom design.

Oldmotor includes :

  • 12 hand-drawn illustrations in .png, .ai and .eps format
  • Extras 6 premade logo templates

NB : The font used in the logo does not include this product, but you can buy the product in the link below.

Homkiges Font : https://edignwntype.com/homkiges-font/

Duhline Font : https://edignwntype.com/duhline-font/


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